Agb Polaris 2Xt- Cylinder Lock (For Keyed/Entry)

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For standard slab size

Agb Polaris 2Xt- Cylinder Lock (For Keyed/Entry)

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*Price for 80" door slab only


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Magnetic flush-mounted lock. The central latch is in plastic material, with the same colour of the forend. The key of the cylinder blocks the latch also functioning as bolt but leaving the handle free to go down. Moreover, it let the latch come in. The lock features no protuberances on the forend, thanks to the latch which is entirely retracted into the casing. Steel front (18 mm) with rounded edge, 35,5, 50,5 and 60,5 mm backset. Centre, 85 mm. Steel lockcase with through screw-holes for handle assembly. Latch can be retracted also with cylinder.