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It is important to know some vital tips which will prevent your stained glass windows and doors from damage. Follow the tips highlighted below.

Signs of damages to stained glass and doors include:

  • Breakages or cracks in the glass
  • Glazing which are loose and almost or already falling out

Depending on temperature and weather conditions, stained glass compresses causing the cracks.

You can maintain your stained glass windows and doors if you do the following:


  • Use glass cleaners for cleaning regularly; they can be purchased in utility stores for doors and windows. Clean with a special tool and a towel in hand
  • Don't ever clean stained glass in doors with a high-pressure washer. This will damage your door
  • DPK or kerosene are friendly for stained glass and may be used on them in the absence of a glass cleaner. Cleaning your stained glass with kerosene bring out the colors and improves their reflectivity
  • If you have kids around the house, educate them on how to be careful around the stained glass.
  • Pay attentions to cracks as early as you possibly can. Neglecting a crack in stained glass can result in an even greater damage to the material.
  • Avoid stressing the door; always opening and closing the doors and windows can further damage and weaken the door; it also reduces its longevity and durability. This should be avoided at all costs.