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Cleaning Tips for Interior and Exterior Glass Doors

All doors are set in a frame, leveled, balanced or hanged.

Some doors have tracks, a threshold that needs to be cleaned.

The entry door of your home should always be attractive and neat since it is the gateway into your home that reveals a lot about you.

These cleaning tips will make your door glitter and provide excellent results.

Cleaning the Interior Doors:

  1. 1. Wipe the top part of the door frames with a soft rag to remove dust;
  2. 2. use a soft duster or a rag to wipe all around the frame of the door;
  3. 3. clean the whole surface of a varnished wood door with oil soap using a soft cloth;
  4. 4. buff the door to remove excess water, it is vital to make the surface dry;
  5. 5. use a sponge to apply the homemade or commercial all-purpose cleaner; then clean the door with a dry, clean, soft rag;
  6. 6. use an all-purpose cleaner for the door knobs and handle.
  7. 7. use the brass cleaner for the door that has brass fixtures;
  8. 8. if your door has a glass window, use the glass cleaner outside and inside to make it sparkle.

Homemade Glass Cleaner:

  • One teaspoon of liquid detergent
  • 6 Tablespoons of plain white vinegar

When mixed, these items make a great home cleaner; pour the mixture int a spray bottle.

Follow these tips and the interior doors of your home will have that alluring appeal.