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 White doors may be attractive, but are prone to dirt and other stains. Even if well maintained, white doors change color to creamy or yellow colors over time due to aging. It is therefore advised to try and restore the white color of your doors before deciding to spend an enormous sum in replacing it entirely. 

Here are few steps you need to know when trying to restore your white colored doors back to its shiny glory days.


  • Make a cleaner agent: to make the best cleaning agent you need a solution of vinegar and other traditional white cleaning agent
  • Test your cleaner by applying it on a small area of the white door and wait a few minutes to see the reaction.
  • Wear protective covers over your hair, face and hands. White bleaching agents can be very powerful acidic agents and might cause damage to your skin when exposed
  • Ensure you have a bucket of water around you to wash your hands periodically over the cleaning period.
  • Clean the door completely; unlike other colored doors where you probably just need to wipe them, white doors need to be deeply drenched in the cleaning agent for the procedure to be effective. Wash from top to bottom; this will prevent any streaks of dirt getting into any area you have already cleaned.
  • Rinse the door; after cleaning the door, you might need to repeat the process for an efficient wash but this time, use only clean and warm water.
  • Dry the door; make sure the door is well dried before you allow it to be regularly used. After the drying process, use a clean damp cloth to dust it.

MAKE SURE you test your cleaning solution first. Some surfaces do not tolerate vinegar. It is best to use a special cleaning product. Ask for advice in local home product stores.