04/22/2018 Posted By Julia Gajchuck

After you are done choosing the size and style of your interior doors, the next big challenge for you is to decide the color of the doors. Choosing the right color for the interior doors is imperative for you because it complements the décor of your place. Dark color doors make the place stand out and complete the room’s setup.

If you are wondering why choose dark colored doors then here are some decisive advantages that can make up your mind. A dark colored door, especially with a gray oak coating, has many advantages.

Benefits of Choosing Dark Doors with Gray Oak Coating


This is one of the most obvious advantages of using dark doors in interior or exterior. They provide a touch of class to the place with their charismatic personality.

Provides a Feeling of Cohesion

There are other dark-colored or black elements in the room as well such as furniture, accent walls, artwork, decorations etc. A dark door with gray oak coating can provide a balanced environment to the room.

No Smudges or Marks

From a practical point of view, if you have kids at home then a door with a dark color is the best choice. There will be no fingerprint marks, dirt, or anything else that can make the door look untidy.

Accentuates the color of the floor

If the color of your floor is dark (it is best if it is black), a dark door can enhance the whole environment of the room by providing an immaculate, elegant look.

Dark Doors Add Drama

If you want your room to look stunning and visually captivating then using a dark door is the best option.

Why Choose Door Design Lab?

Looking for the perfect place to purchase dark doors? Why not visit our online store Interior doors. We have every type of door and have a wide range of doors to choose from. So no matter what part of America you are located in, we can provide you with the door of your choice.

Increased efficiency, soundproofing and weather resistance are the qualities of our gray oak doors. We use the highest quality of polypropylene with a 3D-texture to smooth the door’s surface.  The polypropylene coating will protect your interior door from moisture. The humidity resistance level of our grey oak doors is quite high. Furthermore, the surface coating makes it easy to clean and saves time. The coating has been tested and does not contain any traces of harmful substances such as phenol and formaldehyde. The PPL finish is added as the final touching to the gray oak color door. This finish provides the interior door with a thick cover and makes it resistant to scratches. With the use of ISO core and coating, the interior door is made noise resistant.


All in all, it can be said that using dark doors can provide a great, attractive look to your place. If you want to give your room (s) a unique characteristic look then we’ll recommend you to use dark doors, especially the ones with the gray oak coating.