06/07/2018 Posted By Julia Gajchuck

Children spend a large amount of time in their rooms because a room for a child is like his/her own little world. They do all kind of stuff from playing to sleeping and eating to fighting with their siblings. A room reflects a child’s personality and that is why experts believe that parents need to put extra effort into decorating a child’s room.

When it comes to decorating children’s room, there are so many ideas at one’s disposal – practical, fun, stylish, comfortable etc. However, there is a common mistake that many parents make when it comes to decorating children bedroom: their main emphasis is on bedroom décor and they tend to pay less importance to the decoration of the bedroom door.

So, without a further ado, let’s get started on some basic yet effective ways to decorate the bedroom door of your child:

Start with the Right Bedroom Door Color

Instead of opting for a dark color for the bedroom door, it is best to go for soothing colors that are known for giving a room an ease-into-sleep feel. There are various colors you can choose from: Lavender (highly recommended), green, yellow, blue, orange (largely underused color but it is great at providing a pacifying feel to any room).

Go for a Frisky Design

Instead of just giving a soothing paint to the door and focusing on the rest of the room décor, you need to put in a little extra effort towards the design of the door. By design, we mean to say is that you have endless options to choose from. For instance, if your child loves teddy bears then a unique teddy bear design on the door would change the whole dynamics of the room. The design you’ll choose will help in depicting how you want the room to be. Simply go for playful designs for the bedroom door.

Chalkboard Drawings on a Bedroom Door

Here is a unique idea for you: Simply use chalkboard drawings to make everything interesting for your child. Whether it is learning new things or drawing a favorite cartoon character, you can use chalkboard drawing to portray a message for your child in a different yet interesting manner.

Use Colorful Ribbons

You can perk up the bedroom door by simply using colorful ribbons. It won’t cost you a lot, as matter of fact; it’ll cost you almost nothing. However, the end product will be a captivating entrance to your child’s room – something that’ll make everything more exciting for your kid.

Use Light Wires

By using light wires, you can give a unique, intriguing look to the bedroom door of your child. Just like colorful ribbons, light wires won’t cost much and installing them is quite easy as well.


It is important to decorate your child’s room, but it is imperative to give importance to the decoration of the bedroom door as well. If you want to create a good impression and ensure that your child’s mood remains positive (at least most of the times), start working on above-mentioned ways to decorate the bedroom door. And try to enjoy the whole decoration process, it’ll make everything easier and interesting.