It can become a bit difficult (sometimes impossible) to decide what types of interior doors are best for your house. You have so many choices at your disposal and yet you have no clue what to choose. The good news for you is that you are not alone in this. As a matter of fact, a majority of people are a bit hesitant or confused while considering interior and exterior doors.

There are large varieties of doors on the market and that is why it can get a bit confusing to choose the best door. So, we have narrowed down the list of best types of doors to consider.

Timber/Wood Doors

Traditionally, these doors have been popular due to some obvious reasons: the local availability of material and easy manufacturing of these doors. There are large varieties of wood available in the market and that is why its selections should be based on various factors such as longevity and the budget. Overall, timber/wood doors are best used as exterior doors but they can be used as interior doors as well.

Framed and Paneled Doors

Wood is used to make the frame of these doors and the shutter panels are made out of block board, plywood, hardboard, and timber etc. Given the fact that different designs can be made on the panels, these doors are best used as interior doors due to their decorative properties. The designs of these doors are quite flexible and that is why they can look aesthetically pleasing.

Flush Doors

It is a smooth door that has medium density fiberboard or plywood fixed over a timber frame. The hollow core of a flush door is sometimes filled with ISO core or honeycomb core. These doors are commonly used in the interior of the house but they can be used in the exterior with some modifications. Overall, these doors are known for being reasonably priced, attractive appearance, and durability.

Glass Doors

These doors are in the best door trends of 2018. They are mostly used on the backside of the house because they impeccably provide an unobstructed view of the garden or backyard. However, you can also use these doors in other rooms of your house as well. On top of all this, these doors can also be used as front doors but care should be taken by the homeowners to ensure durability and privacy. These doors are attractive, usually heavier than other doors, and a bit costly as well.

Fiberglass Doors

These doors are known for being light, strong, high tensile strength and non-flammable properties. The main material (fiber) of this door is drawn into fibrous form and woven into cloth. Fiberglass is known as one of the hardened materials that are low cost and requires low maintenance. Given the fact that these doors are known for their strength, they can be used for interior and exterior locations.

The above-mentioned types of doors are trendy this year, but you can also opt for other types of doors such as aluminum doors, fiber reinforced plastic doors, PVC doors, Steel doors, Bamboo-Jute composite doors, etc.


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Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash