Here are various types of door hinges for you:

Butt Hinges

When there is talk about the most commonly used hinges, Butt Hinges surely tops the list. Let it be cabinet doors, interior or exterior doors, these hinges can be used with fair ease. Why are they called butt hinges? It is because they are mounted on the edge of a door and adjoining surface. These hinges are available in different sizes (between 13mm to 150 mm). These hinges are strong, resistant, and highly durable. Butt Hinges do come in various types such as Rising Butt hinges and Lift-Joint Butt Hinges.

Ball Bearing Hinges

Ball Bearing Hinge pictureThese hinges are most commonly used on heavy doors. It is important to lubricate these hinges frequently so that an easier and smoother door swing can be acquired. Ball Bearing hinges are best known for their durability and handling of excessive stress. It is best to use them for high traffic exterior doors e.g. entryway.

Flush Hinges

The reason why these hinges are most preferably used for cabinets is that they are largely concealed. A flush hinge has two leafs which fit into each other and it is less bulky as compared to others. There is no need of cutting the recess at all and this means that you can easily install flush hinge on small constructions or lightweight doors.

Butterfly Hinges

butterfly hinge pictureIt is fair to say that butterfly hinges and butt hinges are quite similar to each other in almost every way. The only major difference is that there is use of decorative designs in butterfly hinges and this is what makes them stand out among other hinges.

Concealed Hinge

concealed hinge pictureAs the name implies, these hinges remain hidden from the sight. They are mostly installed inside the door and cabinet and get adjusted as soon as it is installed. It is mostly available in two sizes of 5mm and 36mm.

Strap Hinges

They are also commonly known by their other name, gate hinges. Strap hinges are most commonly used for exterior door styles. They are known for giving a unique yet amazing look to the door – something that other hinges fail to provide. Strap hinges are also used for gates as well.

Pivot Hinges

 For your tall doors, experts recommend the use of pivot hinges. It is because installing pivot hinges ensures that taller doors remain aligned.

You have to keep in mind that different doors require different styles of hinges. It is imperative to select the most suitable hinge according to the door – it ensures longevity and reliability of the door.