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Instead of oil-based prime use a water-based primer because it's easier to use.

This is a simple DIY process that can be done by almost anyone. All you need is good ventilation. Make sure you are wearing protective covers and gloves while you are at it too.

Here are a few guides to follow when you're ready to paint your panel doors like a pro;


  • First, you need to get a quality paint brush, masking tape, sheets or newspapers to cover the floors with. And a flat head screwdriver if you need to unscrew the door knobs and hinges.
  • Loosen the door handles and knobs and cover them with the masking tape. Wrap the hinges too.
  • It is better to start at the top panel and then make your way down to the lower panel
  • After the panels have been painted, go back to the top board of the door, the horizontal side and paint them too.
  • Next, paint the boards starting from the panels, going horizontally from top to bottom. Once done, move to the hinged side of the door.
  • Paint the edge of the door before moving to the other side.
  • Now paint the door frame.
  • Paint from the top of the frame to lower part of the frame.