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Disadvantage 1: Sliding doors have simple latches

Most built-in sliding doors have simple latches due to its delicate glass structure. This makes them an easy target for burglars.

Solution: Using a prime line sliding door loop; this heavy duty lock is created from hardened steel and should be fixed at the top and bottom of the doors or Use a Guru keyed patio lock which is designed to prevent pickings.

Disadvantage 2: Sliding doors are easily peeped through

85% of a typical sliding door is made of transparent and see through glasses; this makes it difficult for homeowners to have the privacy they so crave for.

Solution: Use Bloss glass window film; this glass is made such that it allows light into the room but obscure specific details, thereby protecting your properties from being on display and easily seen by people.

Another option is to mirror your glass. Therefore anyone viewing from outside would only be able to see a reflection of themselves. This option however only works in the daytime and when there isn’t much lightening in the house.

Disadvantage 3:  Sliding doors are easy to break or manipulate.

Breaking into a home with sliding door is quite easy because the glass can simply be broken.

Solution: ShatterGard protection film; this transparent film is like a strip pasted over the glass of the sliding door. These films strengthen the glass making it shatterproof; it keeps the glass firmly together even after been broken.