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1. Use a dampened soft cloth to dust the top edge of a door frame. This is better than a feather duster.

2. Remove all the smudges and fingerprints around the door frame using a spray cleaner. This is called spot-cleaning. You can also use soap and a bucket of warm water to clean the doors but endeavor to clean up with a dry cloth afterward. Clean the grooves that are on the doors using spray cleaner or warm soapy water.

3. Focus on the inner parts of the doors that the eyes cannot see when the door is closed especially the parts that are at hand level. These parts can get clogged with dirt if it is used to close the door instead of the door knob.

4. Always clean your painted doors using warm water and soap, or you can use an all-purpose spray cleaner. Wipe the doors from top to bottom making sure that all the oil on the door is wiped off, afterward, clean with a soft dry cloth to dry all the wetness.

5. Clean the door knobs and any other hardware that may be on the door using a special cleaner. For brass doors, use a brass cleaner. You can get one from any home product stores around your neighborhood.

6. Remember to sanitize the door handle with a good antibacterial sanitizer. Also, oil the hinges of the doors using grease or a good lubricant that will keep them swinging without the creaking sound of rust or friction.

 Remember, when we take care of our doors, it has an appeal to our guests; hence doors should be attended with care and attention.