Lacquer Interior Doors

Belldinni veneered doors are covered with 3 layers of lacquer that protects the construction from water, chemicals, scratches and heat.

Doors are an essential part of any architectural plan. Without the right doors, your interior might not stand out as you would have wanted it to. To brighten up the space, a wooden door or maybe a good combination of wood, glass and steel frames is a must. Our white lacquered interior doors provide all the necessities of comfort with style. Structurally strong design enables the door for good quality that lasts long.

Our new designs are affectively efficient with low carbon emitting paints and no other harmful agents as in lacquering technology.

Appealing Designs

We have a vast variety of white lacquered designed doors for interior uses. These can be used as white wardrobe doors or as any other regular door. Efficiently designed wooden frames with panels or glass can brighten up your interior.

Elegant styles

Our White Lacquered doors are preferred for an elegantly done interior design. We prepare doors with thick layers of lacquer done careful monitoring system with a final glossy touch. These high gloss doors are available in black and white. Each door is a piece of art itself regarding craftsmanship and design. Starting from the materials to joining pieces and doing paints and varnishes, every detail is looked upon with professional care.

Finished look

For a more finished and classic look for your closet or may be a bedroom door, a lacquered door with a frame is an ideal combination. Those are prepared with a high quality wood and lacquer. The wooden frame and the panels or glass are a perfect match for each other and are resistant to many harmful agents which makes it a high quality door with very low maintenance. 

Area of Applications

These high gloss and lacquer doors can be used as interior doors in residential or industrial buildings. Lacquered doors can also function as exterior doors.


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