Maximum 04 Vetro Wenge Belldinni Modern Interior Door

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Maximum 04 Vetro Wenge

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Special Price $399.00

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Maximum 04 interior door wenge employs a sleek, contemporary design to create a smooth, sophisticated look. It’s recessed inlay with aluminum stripe moldings and sharp angles make the door stand out, while not taking away from the surrounding decor. This door is also quite sturdy and durable. Its frame is made from solid pine planks that are secured with micro studs and surrounds the recessed chipboard inlay. The entire package is then wrapped in medium density fibreboard, and African wenge veneer is added to create a high-textured look. This texture is further enhanced with the addition of Becker Acrona varnish with interim grinding. The polished aluminum stripe moldings create a beautiful contrast with the deep, rich tone and texture of the wood for a beautiful finished piece. Like all of our doors, the Maximum 04 comes with a two year warranty against defects, and you can be sure your door will be made from only the best, highest-quality materials available. Our model Maximum 04 is manufactured due to modern trends with flowing lines, which let the door look elegant and stylish. This door can fit to different interiors, its sharp angles and aluminum stripe moldings provide special look to Maximum 04 model. This door is created from long-lasting and high-quality material. Solid pine planks are the base of the frame, which are sustained by micro studs. The whole construction including the recessed chipboard inlay is reinforced with medium density fibreboard and decorated with exclusive African wenge veneer sheets. We also cover the door by Becker Acrona varnish to create good looking texture. The polished aluminum stripe moldings are combined with this excellent texture, luxury wood shade and saturated color to create outstanding style of your room. Buying our Maximum 04 or any other door each customer receives 2-year warranty against damage, so you always win when choose our product.

Rubber seal

Rubber seal keep the warmth in rooms for a long time because there are no gaps between the door and door frame, the things that make hot air comes out. Rubber seal keep away from dust intrusion and extraneous noise.

Premium lacquered finish

Premium Lux Italian Lacquer finish is characterized by perfectly smooth matte or high gloss durable coating. Finishing options include metallic or acrylic varnish, offered in an array of RAL colors. Made in Italy.

Smart sweep

Automatic Door Sweep is optionally installed at the bottom of the door to protect the room from the dust, noise, drafts, smoke and insects. Upon closing, sweep mechanism is triggered by a switch at the door’s hinge side, which activates the sweep to drop down. Made in Italy.

Tempered safety glass

1/6" and 1/4" tempered glass beside high mechanical strength is also safe. In case of damage, such glass shatters into small, smoothsurfaced pellets, excluding the possibility of injury.


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