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Front Door Trends

"Our home tells a story about us, so we may as well take the opportunity to make it stylish," says American designer and writer Deborah Needleman.

But a front door is not primarily stylish but a long-term investment that protects your home from freezing weather, extraneous noises, and uninvited guests.

Since many people care about functionality while following the latest design trends, let's look at five options for fashionable entry doors to an apartment or house.

Exterior French Doors

French Front Door Trends

Metal doors from the French collection imply the presence of glass inserts of different sizes, including a fully glazed slab. These doors are ideal for cottages and country houses due to their advantages:

  • Modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  • Excellent thermal insulation if the door frame is made of galvanized steel and if there is a thermal break. It is exceptional based on the fundamental laws of physics technology. To eliminate heat loss, it separates two metal elements in contact with each other; that is, it delimits the outer cold part of the door from the inner one. Thus, always remaining warm on the apartment side, the door is reliably protected from freezing.

  • Ensuring silence in the house and protection from extraneous noises (sound insulation: 37 dB).

The French doors by Belldinni combine modern design, quality materials, and a durable finish. The most popular models of exterior doors with translucent frosted glass are Argos, Aura, and Zephyr. These modern exterior doors with the best quality/value ratio will serve you for many years.

French doors consist of two slabs that swing outwards or inwards. Typically, one door remains fixed and locked, serving as the passive door, while its counterpart is actively used for entry and exit. However, for occasions that call for a grander opening, the passive door can be unlocked and opened alongside the active one to create an expansive entryway.

Exterior Doors with Sidelite

Front Door with sidelite Trends

Sidelite is a glass panel that you can install to the right or left of your front door. This small addition will become an accent part of the room's exterior. We make them in the style of the slab to create a cohesive visual identity.

Also, in our assortment, you will find a transom, a horizontal stationary section above the exterior door. Its aesthetic appearance will decorate your home, and the glass insert will fill it with light.

We've made a handy video tutorial (6 minutes) on quickly installing the transom yourself.

Technical information:

  • Construction: solid frame.

  • Glass: tempered frosted glass.

  • Finish: steel.

Fiberglass and Steel Doors

Steel Front Door Trends

The material used in constructing exterior doors is of primary importance regarding functionality and security.

Fiberglass doors are durable, energy-efficient, and can mimic the look of wood. They are less susceptible to warping and require minimal cleaning. Moreover, fiberglass, like steel, is a dent-resistant material. It can be painted in any color.

Modern steel exterior doors are the strongest and most secure. They're also affordable and energy-efficient. We use galvanized steel to protect the slab from corrosion. Therefore, if you wish to purchase a quality front door and use it for many years, consider the above two materials.

Smart Locks

Front Door with Smart Locks Trends

The future has already arrived. Some homeowners have abandoned standard locks and no longer use keys.

A smart lock is just one of the few smart home devices. There are many varieties of them in terms of technology and operating principles. That is, you can remotely open the door and track the actions of children or who enters and who leaves the house.

Doors in universal shades

Every space needs a little dark color and doesn't have to be black. Nowadays, gray and brown also occupy a special place in the current palette.

On the one hand, these are the most practical solutions. Still, on the other hand, they perfectly combine luxurious austerity and aesthetics, allowing you to customize your interior with light or bright accents.