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Every year, the interior design world is filled with more unusual and striking novelties that are incredibly popular with homeowners and designers. So, 2024 is no exception, as frameless doors are at the top of the popularity rating. They embody not just a new look at the usual decor elements but also radically change the idea of functionality and aesthetics of living space.

Next, in this article, we'll examine why flush doors are a relevant and attractive way to make your interior stylish.

What are frameless doors?

As the name implies, frameless doors (invisible, flush-mounted, or hidden doors) in closed form practically merge with the wall and have no protruding parts. The primed slabs can be colored to match the wall to create an utterly invisible effect: painted, wallpapered, or finished with decorative plaster.

As a result, you and your guests will get the illusion that there is no door opening, so you can "hide" a pantry or closet behind such a door or use flush-mounted doors as a stylish solution for the entire apartment.

Design features

The main difference between invisible doors and standard doors is the construction. Once installed, it has no visible protruding parts such as the door frame, casings, or hinges.

We use Italian AGB hardware:

  • Handles: Incredible design, perfect functionality. Options for all rooms and configurations, enhancing the appearance of the doors.

  • Hinges: The design of the hinges fits the handles — increasing the reliability and service life of the door.

  • Locks: Excellent security and anti-burglary features. It will last you for many years.

Left/right-hand inswing and outswing door constructions are available for order.


The choice of location for frameless doors depends on the design project, the size of the room, and the homeowner's wishes. Frameless doors suit for:

  • A "secret" room: a pantry or closet.

  • Clothes cupboard.

  • Any room in a minimalist interior. Such a solution is suitable for those who appreciate the simplicity and purity of strict lines.

  • Children's room. Kids will appreciate the magical atmosphere, where even the door plays hide-and-seek with them.

  • Office buildings.

Therefore, hidden doors are appropriate for any location, including the living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Hidden door design ideas

Each interior reflects the preferences and life of its owner or family as a whole, which is the uniqueness of each apartment.

Therefore, below are three ideas that will help to transform the living space with invisible doors:

  1. Harmonious fusion.

The absence of protruding parts in the doorway will certainly increase the visual area of the house. However, you can choose a prehung frameless interior door in the desired shade or purchase a white door for painting. This model is explicitly created for further finishing (painting, wallpaper, or decorative plaster), so they harmoniously fit into any room or become an accent element of living space.

  1. A striking accent.

Fans of contrast prefer to have the flush-mounted doors in full view. Therefore, they install slabs of bright colors or models with decorative elements.

  1. Functionality.

Frameless doors, perfectly zoned space, visually expand it, and, as we said earlier, can hide rooms where, for example, things or products are stored.

Advantages of invisible doors

  • Aesthetically pleasing: One of the main reasons for the popularity of these doors is their ability to integrate perfectly into any interior. With no unnecessary elements, they give a laconic and minimalist look ideal for modern spaces.

  • Spacious: Flush-mounted doors are the ideal solution for small apartments or houses where every square meter counts. They save space and create the illusion of more volume, making the interior look more spacious.

  • Technology and safety: They provide noise insulation, keep the room warm, and last for years.

  • Eco-friendliness: As manufacturers, we emphasize the environmental compatibility of our products. Flush-mounted doors are made of safe materials for people and the environment.

  • Design variation: Although frameless doors are associated with minimalism, they are available in various designs.

Frameless doors by Belldinni


Our assortment includes more than 340 invisible door models. We use Solid Core wood fiber as a filler, which gives the door leaf strength, increases its service life, and provides noise and sound insulation.


At our factory we use modern equipment, which allows us to produce interior doors of different design, so that they harmonize with any style. Therefore, the decorative elements are glass inserts (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 10 Lite), aluminum strips, or textured surfaces.

Door finish


Thanks to a quality enamel door will retain its original appearance for many years, as this coating option is resistant to:

  • Scratches.

  • Moisture.

  • Sunlight.

Please note that weather-resistant enamel is applied with the help of a special robot in several layers, which provides a perfectly smooth surface of the slabs without defects. Interior doors with enamel coating are unpretentious in maintenance: wiping them with a damp cloth is enough.


Polypropylene is also a moisture-resistant material that is not afraid of mechanical damage. Interior doors with this coating are affordable and suitable for rooms decorated in any style.


The veneer is a strip of natural wood up to 3 mm thick, which is glued on top of the MDF panel and coated with a protective varnish. It is a classic hidden interior door finish with the following advantages:

  • Luxurious appearance.

  • Optimal value.

  • Long service life.

  • Durability and resistance to moisture.

Veneer is a fashion trend that adds a natural freshness to the interior.


Our collection of primed doors is suitable for finishes to suit your choice, including wallpaper, paint, and decorative plaster.

Standard sizes of frameless doors

Hidden door slab sizes

Height, inches

80, 84, 92-½, and 96

Width, inches

18, 24, 28, 30, 32, and 36


Also, we produce frameless doors of non-standard sizes. Please get in touch with our call center specialists for this.


Frameless doors by Door Design Lab combine functionality, style, and the latest technology. They are not just doors. They are art mixed with a 2024 trend set to change how you think about space.