Optima Snow White Belldinni Modern Interior Door

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Optima Snow White

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Price from

Special Price $174.00

Regular Price: $178.00



Optima Snow White is an ideal solution for builders and home owners who are looking for high quality pre-finished doors at attractive prices. The finish is a white and ideally smooth EvoPro material imitating a painted surface.

Ultra modern Evo Pro finish

  • Increased moisture resistance
  • Resistance to influence of sunshine and decoloration
  • Contains no harmful formaldehydes and phenols
  • Variety of colors
  • Deep 3D-pattern
  • Resembles natural wood surface

Solid core

We use a technologically advanced insulating core that has a density of 12,5 lb/ft3. High density wood fiber core is mixed in with polyurethane resin and wax to yield in high level of sound and thermal insulation.


  • Energy saving: rubber seal helps to keep the warmth inside the room for a long time due to the absence of gaps between the door leaf and the door jamb
  • Better sound insulation qualities
  • Protects from dust, smoke and insects


The finish can be painted at the job site if needed