Avon 07 R Veralinga Oak Contemporary Interior Door by Belldinni, Shaker Style, Stile & Rail, 3 Panels, No Glass, Polypropylene Finish

Avon 07 R Veralinga Oak Belldinni Modern Interior Door

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For standard slab size

Avon 07 R Veralinga Oak

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Special Price $350.00

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The Avon 07 RN is a minimalistic shaker style door with light polypropylene finish (Veralinga Oak color).
The Avon 07 slab has two MDF-panels and one horizontal wooden rib.
If you plan to make the door pocket or bypass, you need to use a special spacer that you can order from us.

Polypropylene finish

  • Increased moisture resistance
  • Resistance to influence of sunshine and decoloration
  • No harmful formaldehydes and phenols
  • Deep 3D-pattern
  • Resembles natural wood surface

Matching Jambs and Casings

DoorDesignLab door units are completed with jambs and casings, which are factory pre-finished to match the door slab in style and color.


  • Energy saving: rubber seal helps to keep the warmth inside the room for a long time due to the absence of gaps between the door leaf and the door jamb
  • Better sound insulation qualities
  • Protects from dust, smoke and insects

Universal Pre-cut preparation

By customer's request, doors can be equipped with concealed or plain bearing hinges of the Italian or US production

Technical Information

Additional Information

Tech Description
Door series  Avon
Type of Finish  Polypropylene (PPL)
Stock Colors  Veralinga Oak, Light Urban, Dark Urban, Ribeira Ash
Slab Construction  Stiles, Rails, MDF Panels
Stock Height  79-3/8'', 83-1/4'', 92-1/2'', 95-1/4''
Stock Width  17-3/4'', 23-7/8'', 27-3/4'', 29-3/4'', 31-3/4'', 35-7/8''
Slab Thickness  1-3/4''
Jamb Width  4-9/16''
Jamb Thickness 3/4''
Casing Width  3-1/2''
Extension width  2-1/8''
Wall covered by jamb with adjustable casing  4-9/16'' — 5-1/4'
Wall covered by jamb with extensions and adjustable casing  4-9/16'' — 6-7/8''
Additional designer elements  No
Possibility to install automatic door bottom No
Can't buy N/A
Model AVON 07 R
Color Veralinga Oak
With Glass No
Origin color Veralinga Oak