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  • 23.01.18 0 Posted By Julia Gajchuck

    If you closely look at any property, one of the hottest commodities is none other than space. Amazingly, it’s not about just saving space, what matters the most is how you utilize the space. Nowadays, people are more interested in getting the best out of free space rather than just leaving it untouched. From increasing the market price of your property to making your house/apartment more functional, saving space is essential.

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  • 18.01.18 0 Posted By Julia Gajchuck

    Believe it or not, but having knowledge of different types of door hinges is as important as buying quality doors for the exterior and interior of your house. There are various types of door hinges available in the market and knowing how hinges work can assist you in buying the right doors for your house.  

    Whether it is an interior door, exterior door, cabinet door or anything else, there is a variety of hinges for you to choose from. Each hinge is specifically made for a certain action and according to the door style. 

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  • 02.01.18 0 Posted By Admin Admin
    Sliding glass doors are slowly becoming popular in residential buildings and even commercial areas. These doors are known for their exquisiteness, style, efficiency, functionality and low-cost maintenance. Since they are available in different shapes and sizes, the demand for sliding glass doors is increasing more than ever.Read More
  • 27.12.17 0 Posted By Admin Admin
    Bedrooms are your personal rooms and richly deserve the best doors. You should choose only those types of doors that are stylish and capable of maintaining the privacy of your bedroom. The best types of bedroom doors are the ones made out of the finest material. They have to be durable for a long period of time. They need to be an addition of liveliness and stylishness to the room’s overall core design.Read More
  • sliding doors
    23.12.17 0 Posted By Admin Admin
    A sliding system is a door that opens in a horizontal position, unlike traditional doors that open vertically. The sliding door is mounted on a track that has rollers so that it can easily slide into the wall’s hollow space when it slides open. Sliding doors are commonly used in many places due to their advantages. There are a few types of sliding systems which are Arcadia doors, bypass doors, and pocket doors.Read More
  • 20.12.17 0 Posted By Admin Admin
    When it comes to safety and style, people are often confused between conventional and flush doors. With trends changing every day, it can become a bit puzzling to decide whether conventional or flush doors are best for homes and offices. So, without a further ado, here is what you need to know about these two doorsRead More
  • 15.12.17 0 Posted By Admin Admin
    Premium door installation requires some technical know-how. While it may prove to be a difficult task for some people, it can become an easy one if the right installation tips are adhered to. For an extra strong interior door installation, you need to attach hang brackets to both the inside and outside of your interior doors; this is called a premium Ez-hang door installation.Read More
  • how to clean door surface
    12.12.17 0 Posted By Admin Admin
    Doors, like every other thing, need to be taken care of and maintained by regular cleaning. Your door stands a much higher risk of getting damaged if essential maintenance care is neglected. Door manufacturers have stated that proper maintenance care increases door warranties. Also, the paints on doors have a greater chance of peeling off if you leave those stains on them for too long.Read More
  • 28.11.17 0 Posted By Admin Admin

    Upgrading doors and hardware in the home with colors and paints is an important aspect of beautifying the home. However, doing this can be very tricky; you can go from a hero to zero in the blink of an eye if you make the common painting errors, doing the things you're not supposed to do while painting.

    Here is a guide to make sure your painting job remains impressive. These are what you shouldn't do while painting your doors and hardware in the house.

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  • 24.11.17 0 Posted By Admin Admin
    Fiberglass glass doors are durable and have a little weathering resistance ability. Even though fiberglass doesn't rust like metallic doors, they easily fade and lose their radiance when they are constantly exposed to direct sunlight.Read More
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