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Exterior doors are used only to enter or exit the residence or building. They are large and sturdy, thus they are prone to less damage. Whereas interior doors are used way more than exterior doors as these doors are opened and closed numerous times on a daily basis. That is why they are inclined to frequent repairs. Depending on the amount of damage sustained to the internal door, it can be fixed or might have to be replaced with a new one.

There are 3 most common internal door problems. In this blog, you’ll know about problems and the methods to have them fixed:

Humidity Problem

Internal doors that are made of wood are known to expand in the humid weather. The wood absorbs the moistures in the atmosphere and swells up as a result of it. This hinders the door from being opened or closed as it gets stuck. It puts quite an amount of restraint on the door knobs which need to be pushed and pulled.

How to fix it: One can purchase a dehumidifier so that it can remove the excess moisture from the air. If the idea of a purchase does not appeal to you then the task can be performed manually. In case the door is jutting out too much, it can be leveled with sandpaper. Mark the jutting area of the door first with a pencil or erasable marker so that it is not filed too much.

Hinge Issues

The internal door hinges give away to wear and tear from excessive use. This causes the doors to squeak, rattle, or swing open or shut. It is a sign that the hinges are misaligned or there is another issue with the strike plate.

How to fix it: The screws that hold the hinges need to be checked from time to time. If they appear loose, remove the screws and pull it out. You can file the strike plate in case it is not aligned. In case of a recessed plate, make as many small shims as needed. Use cardboard material for the shims and fit them in the mortise so that the plate is fixed. If there is an issue with door to be pushed or pulled against a carpet or any other material on the floor, make use of butt hinges. These hinges are expensive but they are a long-term investment. These types of hinges lift the door when it is opened

Paint Issues

Unlike external doors that are made of a high-quality material, internal doors are usually made of average quality materials. They are not prone to resist weather stripping as they are hollow on the inside. This causes the paint on the door to chip and wear.

How to fix it: Use sandpaper or for better results use a paint remover to get rid of the uneven paint. In this case, one should purchase weather stripping paint. This allows you to protect the interior doors from such damage. In most cases, it is not necessary to remove the door which makes it easier to apply a fresh coat of color.

The Bottom Line

Repairing and adjusting interior doors is not that difficult. Instead of replacing the door, you can fix the little issues and save some money. It is better to fix the problems before things go west. In case you have any query related to fixing internal door problems, you can ask Door Design Lab’s customer support team, they’ll guide you in the right direction. Have a great day!