04/08/2024 Posted By Siarhei Kanushok

What is a transom window?

A transom is a horizontal stationary section above the exterior door. Its aesthetic appearance will decorate your home, and the glass insert will fill it with light.

Structurally, a transom usually consists of the following parts:

  • A frame is a framing structure made of wood, plastic, metal, or other material.

  • Glass or filling. Depending on the purpose, the transom can be glazed or filled with decorative elements such as lattice and stained glass.

  • An opening mechanism for ventilation of the room (optional).

Another architectural element is the sidelite, a glass panel that you can install to the right or left of your front door. This small addition will become an accent to the room's exterior. We make the sidelite in the slab style to create a cohesive visual identity.

Varieties of transoms:

  • Type of opening: rotary, hinged, fixed.

  • Material: wooden, plastic, metal.

  • Design: stained glass, lattice, and forged elements.

Functions and advantages of the transom

Although a transom is a small decorative part of the door, it serves several really essential functions that may be a reason to install one in your home:

  • It allows the room to be ventilated without opening the door.

  • It allows natural light to enter the room.

  • It serves as a minimalistic decorative element, improving the appearance of the door and the entire facade of a residential or public building.

  • It increases safety, as the glazed transom is an additional light source from which you can see who is on the other side of the door and what is happening outside.

Clear and easy-to-understand instructions on how to install the Belldinni transom 

Like installing a door or piece of furniture, installing a transom requires precision and attention to detail. We hope you have selected the correct size and are ready to begin installation.

Technical information about the Belldinni transom

  • Construction: solid frame.

  • Glass: tempered frosted glass.

  • Finish: steel.

Step 1: An overview of the kit

Please note that everything will be disassembled when ordering a Belldinni transom. The kit includes a frame, double wall glass, metal moldings, weather strips, and screws.

Step 2: Preparing to install the transom

First of all, you need to prepare holes for the screws to attach this frame from one side to the door frame, and from the other side, you can also attach your transom to the wall from the sides and on top as well.

Step 3: Installing the glass

Then, the frame (transom without glass) is simultaneously attached to the door and the wall.

The next step is to place this glass inside. It is completely universal, meaning there is no interior or exterior side. As soon as the glass is part of the transom, it is considered installed; it is already in your rough opening.

Step 4: Securing with screws

Next, you use the small screws. Inside, around the transom's perimeter, are holes requiring a universal joint.

First, you need to start using the drill to attach the screws to the long sides. Once you have all the screws attached around the transom, now you have to proceed with the other step — installing the moldings.

Step 5: Attaching moldings

The hole should be faced to the glass on your visible side. You don't see them at all. Insert the screws into the groove, pressing the molding against the transom. You can use your force or regular clamps.

If you want to remove them, you need a piece of wood and a hammer. You can separate these two elements by tapping a piece of wood inserted between the molding and the transom with a hammer.

Step 6: Installing the rubber seal

The final step is installing the rubber seal. Please pay attention to its proper position: the sharp side goes inside. Press the seal between the glass and the metal molding with your hands.

Sequence and features of assembly

One more time, in the following order of assembling the transom, you start with long sides, moldings, and faces down with the holes. Then you proceed with sides, same thing, sides with the holes, faces down.

With your screws kit, you will have the spacers. You may use them between the transom and the door frame. During the transom installation, you would need it in just one case if you would like molding around your transom and your door. This small spacer helps you to have molding going inside between the transom and the door frame.