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These tips are to keep you safe from pressure in case you tried it once, and it looked like a nightmare. Apply these handy tips, so next time you paint your doors, you can have fun at it while keeping your energy levels high as well. You can also make it look brand new as you have a good time.

- Use spray for smooth coverage: using sprayer is an easy stress-free way to paint your doors; it's efficient, easy to use and saves a lot of time.

- Use tape lines: use tape lines to secure your door frames and edges manually; it's safer and faster than having to hold your hands firm not to paint over other colors

-Paint edges first: Door edges can be pretty tricky when painting because you don't want to slur your colors over the door surface while painting. So painting the edges makes for a smooth ride with less chance of smearing your paints later on.

-Wipe debris and dust off the door before you start painting. This helps brushes slide more freely, and it allows for smoother designs. If there is a need for new models, you might want to sand the door first before you begin the painting process.

-Start your painting from the smooth and flat surfaces

-Screw out door knobs: painting over door knobs can take all the beauty away from your door, so it's best to take them off and screw them in back again. If you have to paint around them, make sure to wipe all paint splatters and paint around evenly.


Apply these tips and you can paint your doors like an expert, making them look brand new and having fun while at it.