Classica Lux Wenge Belldinni Modern Interior Door

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Classica Lux Wenge

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Special Price $255.00

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You will find a healthy combination of modern lines and beautiful artistry in the Classica Lux Interior Door. Spruce up any bedroom or bathroom with this door’s dark wenge coloring and unique style. The Classica Lux is distinctive because of its horizontal grains sided with two vertical lines, which give the door a high-quality textured look. We use only the highest quality wood veneer on all of our doors, and the veneer prevents us from having to add too much treatment to the door slab, taking away the true art from the wood itself. This door slab is one of the most popular products we offer due to its sleek and organic look. We value quality and craftsmanship, and it shows through in the products we offer. And when you buy from us, you’ll never have to worry about damage to your doors because we provide a two year warranty with all products we sell. Classica Lux Interior Door is a great mix of contemporary shape and discreet design. Refresh your apartment with a combination of special look and dark wenge shades of the veneer. Distinctive feature of Classica Lux is a horizontal texture framed by vertical pattern, which adds to the harmonic appearance of the door. As any other DoorDesignLab door, the Classica Lux is made of A-grade wood finishing, which helps our customers to avoid efforts of additional care and revealing natural beauty of real wood. Universal look of these glace doors makes them one of our most successful items, being able to fit in any interior. Our core values are excellence and remarkable technology of execution, which is reflected in all our items. A two year warranty is offered for all purchases to protect your interests and assuage any doubts.

Rubber seal

Rubber seal keep the warmth in rooms for a long time because there are no gaps between the door and door frame, the things that make hot air comes out. Rubber seal keep away from dust intrusion and extraneous noise.

Premium lacquered finish

Premium Lux Italian Lacquer finish is characterized by perfectly smooth matte or high gloss durable coating. Finishing options include metallic or acrylic varnish, offered in an array of RAL colors. Made in Italy.

Smart sweep

Automatic Door Sweep is optionally installed at the bottom of the door to protect the room from the dust, noise, drafts, smoke and insects. Upon closing, sweep mechanism is triggered by a switch at the door’s hinge side, which activates the sweep to drop down. Made in Italy.


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