Della Vetro Bianco Noble Belldinni Modern Interior Door

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Della Vetro Bianco Noble

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Doors of assembly on details. Overlap point in the form of triangle, which arranged as part of a door, is the main special characteristic of this door. Manufacturers during fabrication use improved polypropylene that has some differences from its past version in rich texture and consumptive qualities such as the raised humidity resistance, resistance to influence of sun exposure, absence of formaldehydes and phenols. Della Vetro has a look of a natural wooden door with pine frame. This model comes decorated with glazing beads and matt glass, which ensures optional dispersion of sunlight. The bead in the form of a triangle we mentioned before has black or white glass.

Multipurpose milling for different types of hinges

As an additional option on customers request doors can be equipped with concealed or plain bearing hinges of Italian production.

Ultra natural PPL finish

PPL finish is highly resistant to scratch and replicates natural wood grain look. Wide choise of finish tones give you lot of door variations for your interior design.

Smart sweep

Automatic Door Sweep is installed at the bottom of the door to protect the room from the dust, noise, drafts, smoke and insects. Upon closing, sweep mechanism is triggered by a switch at the door’s hinge side, which activates the sweep to drop down. Made in Italy.

Tempered safety glass

1/6" and 1/4" tempered glass beside high mechanical strength is also safe. In case of damage, such glass shatters into small, smoothsurfaced pellets, excluding the possibility of injury.


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