06/06/2024 Posted By Siarhei Kanushok

Many homeowners choose concealed sliding doors, otherwise known as hidden barn doors, to save space. Moreover, this configuration's unusual appearance and original design will add unique chic to any modern interior.

With Belldinni Magic doors, we use an innovative concealed sliding system with dual shock-absorbing stops. It does not require the installation of an upper track on the wall and a lower track on the floor.

If you're savvy enough to install an interior door yourself, we recommend that you prepare thoroughly. Please familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's instructions, as well as our materials: an article and a detailed video tutorial. This approach will allow you to avoid mistakes and guarantee that your sliding door will function correctly and for a long time.

Allocate approximately 3-4 hours to install the door and get started!

Unpacking and preparing tools

Start by unpacking the concealed sliding door set and lay out all the parts to verify you have everything needed. Magic door kit consists of (given as an example, the kit could be different from the producer):

  • Track.

  • Rollers.

  • Soft closing system.

  • Bottom rollers.

  • Bottom slab guide.

  • Finger pulls (optional if mentioned in the order).

After delivery, remove the door from its packaging and allow it to acclimate to your home's temperature and humidity for 1-2 days.

Prepare some tools for the installation:

  • Drill or screwdriver with bits.

  • Level.

  • Self-tapping screws.

  • Fixing nails.

  • Allen wrench.

  • Pencil.

Magic door track mounting

The magic door track is a crucial component that allows the door to slide smoothly and remain hidden. Follow these steps to mount the track:

  1. Measure and mark.

Measure the required track length (equal to the door slab's width) and mark the position with a pencil.

  1. Shorten the track.

According to your mark on the track, cut off the excess.

  1. Mounting.

Drill the holes and fix the track to the slab using screws. Please note: pre-drilling is crucial before screwing to save the door slab structure.

Magic system hardware mounting preparation

Prepare the hardware components that will support the door's sliding mechanism. Correctly position the rollers and stoppers: the stoppers should be positioned closer to the edge of the leaf, and the rollers should be positioned between them. Ensure they are securely fixed. You will need an Allen wrench for the job.

If your system includes brackets for additional support, prepare and attach these to the door slab.

Bottom slab guide and rollers installation

The bottom slab guide ensures the door remains stable and aligned when sliding.

Firstly, install the rollers on the right and left, as shown in our video instructions. Then, proceed to the bottom slab guide. Carefully measure the desired length with a tape measure or ruler and cut it off. Fasten this element in the door slab cavity.

Check rough opening sizes

Before proceeding further, verify that the rough opening sizes are correct.

Please measure the width and height of the rough opening to ensure it matches the door slab dimensions. If the opening is incorrect, make adjustments to ensure a snug fit for the door slab.

Check the size of the rough opening on three levels: from the top, middle, and bottom.

Wall mounting roller installation and swing direction determination

The wall-mounted rollers guide the door along the track. Install them as follows:

  • Determine swing direction: decide which way you want the door to slide — left or right.

  • Install the wall roller by attaching it to the wall, ensuring it is aligned with the track and the bottom guide. Use a level to ensure they are straight and parallel.

Ensure you have a perfectly level floor-to-the-door movement.

Floor guide and door slab mounting

You can now mount the door slab with the track, guides, and rollers in place.

Lift the door slab and guide the top rollers into the track. Ensure the bottom of the door fits into the floor guide. Due to the weight of the door, you may need help, so it's best to do this with two people rather than alone.

Please note the distance from the wall to the guide to create the proper gap between the wall and the slab. Adjust the door to ensure it slides smoothly and is level.

How do you maintain a hidden barn door?

Belldinni barn doors require minimal maintenance. Here are some tips:

  • Use appropriate cleaning products for the finish type.

  • Clean enamel, polypropylene, or veneer doors with a damp cloth and mild soap solution.

  • For glass inserts, use a glass cleaner to avoid streaks.

  • Avoid brushes and stiff clothes to prevent scratches.

  • Regularly wipe the hardware with a soft cloth.

Hidden barn doors offer a stylish alternative to traditional door setups, making a distinctive statement in spaces that don't require high soundproofing, such as hallways or closets. However, installing a barn door can be resource-intensive, requiring time, skills, and often an extra pair of hands due to their weight.

For professional installation, contact our experts at doors-install.com. They ensure quality and efficiency, making your barn door a functional and stylish room element for years. Remember, precision and patience are critical to a successful installation.