04/01/2024 Posted By Siarhei Konushok


Usually, when homeowners make a renovation, they plan its global stages, such as buying furniture, laying flooring, or finishing the walls. However, small details sometimes remain "behind the scenes," although thanks to them, the design of the house or apartment becomes complete and, therefore, luxurious. We recommend that even door hardware, which may seem the least important element at first glance, be chosen carefully.

Every interior door needs hardware. Locks, hinges, and handles help it to remain a functional piece of interior design and, at the same time, sometimes become an accent in the room.

For designers and those who do their own renovations, we've gathered 7 door hardware trends that will be relevant in 2024.

  1. Matte black handles

Black is such a classic and versatile color that it's in vogue in every area, from cars to clothing, manicures to accessories. This stylish shade will almost always be a win-win, including when it comes to choosing accessories.

A black lever will look particularly effective together with black hinges on a slab made in one of the following colors:

More than 100 models of door handles in black color are available for ordering from our catalog. Note that the black and gold color mix in hardware is also a trend this season!

  1. Polished chrome handles

This trend has become a symbol of modernity and technology. It reflects the desire for quality and aesthetics, emphasizing durability:

  • Chrome levers are considered a universal choice for all interior doors.

  • They look harmoniously with warm wood, cold metal, glass, etc.

  • This hardware has a scratch-resistant and tarnish-resistant surface.

  • Handles indicate a desire for simple yet expressive solutions through their minimalist design.

Find the perfect one among 90+ polished chrome handles at Door Design Lab!

  1. Brushed gold levers and knobs

Gold-colored handles may seem like another fashion fad to some. However, this design move can add warmth to a home space, especially if the interior door is made of natural materials.

Because yellow is associated with luxury and prosperity, it becomes a delicate accent even on small details, such as door hardware. Gold also works well with different materials (glass, wood, and metal) and interior styles, whether modern, classic, or minimalist.

  1. Modern nickel-colored handles

Nickel hardware is becoming more popular annually among designers and home and apartment owners. Why? The answer is all too obvious. This timeless shade can be easily combined with any interior doors, looks aesthetically pleasing, and requires little maintenance as it is non-marking in use.

  1. Keyless entry door hardware

Firstly, the keyless system provides high security, so you, your home, and your property will be safe. Secondly, you can easily open the door even if your hands are full of packages. And thirdly, you no longer have to worry about losing your keys.

  1. Doors without handles

It may surprise some, but interior doors without handles can look as stylish and attractive as doors with hardware. Such a solution is suitable for sliding doors, such as barn or loft-style doors. 

  1. Unusually shaped handles

The planned design of the interior door can easily be played with hardware of unusual shape because everyone has long been accustomed to the standard one. However, in 2024, square handles are very relevant. Some manufacturers engage fantasy to the maximum, so you put on handles in various geometric shapes, plants, animals, body parts, etc.

If you push back more from ergonomics, the ideal solution will be handles-rails. They come in all colors and sizes and can be placed horizontally or vertically on the canvas. However, using such hardware for entrance doors is better.