02/19/2024 Posted By Siarhei Kanushok


Everyone knows that you cannot make a first impression twice. This means that the entrance door must be functional and able to decorate the house's facade or improve the flat's appearance. The slab that the homeowner, family member, or guest sees immediately. And the first thing everyone touches is the door handle. Therefore, the choice of model depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create: for example, to emphasize minimalism or luxury.

For a long time, wooden entrance doors have been trendy. However, technology has yet to stand still, and now we have a wide range of stylish steel doors with even better technical characteristics.

To choose the right door, you need to compare several aspects.

Cost: wood vs. steel

It is impossible to answer the question, "Which material doors are cheaper or more expensive?".

In most cases, the price is higher for wooden doors because wood is expensive. You can only imagine how long a labor-intensive process is to get quality lumber from a seedling. However, if steel doors are decorated with glass inserts, have other decorative elements, or are equipped with unusual hardware (for example, handle-railing), their cost can be reasonable.

We recommend planning your budget at the beginning of the renovation and then selecting a model because exterior doors are a category of goods with a relatively broad price range.

Durability: wood vs. steel

A front door is a long-term investment that performs several functions simultaneously, including protecting the dwelling from dust, frosty air, extraneous noise, and intruders.

It can be assumed that the longer the warranty period from the manufacturer, the better the quality of the door (Door Design Lab provides a 2-year warranty on all products).

Each material requires special care, meaning protecting metal from rusting and wood from rotting is essential. With the right way of handling doors, they can serve you for generations. Thus, everything depends not so much on the material chosen but on its quality and the homeowner's and his family's careful attitude.

However, steel doors are best protected against moisture, loss of color, and mechanical damage, including scratches. We use galvanized steel, which is not subject to corrosion.

Security: wood vs. steel

The door hardware is usually responsible for security and privacy; the locks must be very reliable.

If you compare the material of manufacture of the slab, then there is no equal for steel. Intruders can see a wooden door, but a steel door will not allow them to do so.

More often than not, steel doors, like a stone or brick wall, will prevent uninvited guests from coming in, especially if they have a firm filling. However, many experts believe that hollow steel doors are superior in security to wood-made ones.

Therefore, steel doors are maximally reliable in operation and will last you for many years.

Maintenance: wood vs. steel

In any case, everything in our lives has a limited lifespan. This applies to doors as well. They gradually wear out as you use them frequently. They are affected by weather conditions.

So, to keep your front door looking its best, you have to take care of it, and any material, be it steel, wood, or otherwise, requires care to some extent.

Tips for caring for wood doors:

  1. Remember about sealing, which protects the door from rotting and tiny parasites.

  2. Try to use it carefully without leaving mechanical damage.

  3. All it takes is a few repairs: sanding and painting to eliminate scratches.

  4. Take care that the slab does not get moisture in large volumes.

  5. Regularly lubricate the hinges.

  6. If dirty, wipe the slab with a damp cloth without aggressive detergents.

Tips for caring for steel doors:

  1. Make a visor or canopy to protect the door from precipitation and direct sunlight.

  2. Avoid excessive moisture, even though our galvanized steel doors are rust-free. Getting rid of rust will be extra tricky.

  3. When cleaning, wipe the slabs with a cloth soaked in water or soap solution and then wipe it dry.

  4. Similarly, as with wooden doors, remember to lubricate the hinges about once a year.

  5. Treat this exterior item carefully, as scratches and dents are unlikely to beautify the slab.

Aesthetics: wood vs. steel

On the one hand, wood will add a fresh, natural touch to your home. It can come in shades: beige, brown, reddish, chocolate, ash, and even black. The texture of wood is attractive, so many homeowners prefer this material.

On the other hand, a steel slab can look minimalistic but very luxurious. In addition, various decorative elements are possible, including glass inserts, a transom, and the choice of any finish color.

Sound insulation: wood vs. steel

First, wood is prone to warping and cracking. Secondly, most steel doors have a quality filler. Thirdly, the thickness of the steel slab is usually greater. We conclude that wooden entrance doors are inferior in sound insulation to steel doors, which have excellent noise insulation.

Environmental impact: wood vs. steel

The environmental impact of doors depends on various factors, including production processes and materials used for manufacturing and processing methods.

Wooden doors can be more environmentally friendly if the materials are specially grown for the factory, considering sustainable forestry principles. Plus, people can recycle them at the end of their useful life.

Steel doors typically last twice as long. They are more resistant to external influences such as humidity or wind. However, producing steel doors also requires significant energy and materials.

All aspects of a product's life cycle, including production, transportation, use, and disposal, must be considered to assess its environmental impact. In addition, it is essential to consider local conditions, material availability, and compliance with environmental standards when selecting doors.


Each door has its advantages and disadvantages, so before buying, we recommend deciding on the size of your budget and what features are essential for you.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please get in touch with our call center, whose specialists will provide free consultation and help you choose the suitable exterior door model.