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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions page embodies the complete agreement between the parties regarding the sale of the product(s) listed in an Invoice. No additional conditions or terms, listed in the Buyer’s order or delivered in prior or subsequent communications will be binding upon the Seller.


All purchases are accepted and processed according to these terms and conditions on the basis of the purchase acknowledgement. The acknowledgement is considered a copy of the order or an electronic transmission. Upon the acknowledgement the Seller is required to provide the applicable goods, delivery of the said goods.


Product delivery is to be conducted at the time and date specified during the purchase. The Seller takes no responsibility for any expenses, loss or damage of the goods in case of the Seller’s non-delivery of the product by the specified date.


The order may be cancelled only with the Seller’s approval in a writing form, signed by the Seller. The Seller may impose terms which would require the indemnification of the Seller to prevent any loss. As soon as the order is delivered to a carrier, the Seller will only accept the cancellations with an inclusion of a cancellation fee of twenty-five percent (25%) of the order price. THE SELLER WILL NOT ACCEPT CANCELLATIONS OF SPECIAL ORDERS.

Reasons for the Seller to cancel the order without liability to the Buyer are as follows:

  • - The Buyer breaches the contract;
  • - The Buyer becomes insolvent;
  • - The Buyer is subject to bankruptcy protection;
  • - The Buyer is subject to liquidation or any similar process;


The Buyer has forty eight (48) hours after receiving the Product to inspect its state and report any damages or defects. If any damage, defect is found, the Buyer must provide a notification to the Seller in written form, describing the nature of the damage or any other reason for rejection of the order. If no rejection of the Product comes within forty eight (48) hours after receiving of the Product, the Buyer acknowledges the Product acceptance and therefore the right for the rejection is lifted.

DoorDesignLab is not responsible for any damage which may occur during the unpacking, installation or using of the product. The Buyer must understand that the Product is subject to wearing down with time and such damage is not covered by our warranty.


The Buyer shall have thirty (30) days to fully pay the amount that equals the order price. Any payments overdue are subject to an interest at a rate of one and one-half percent (1-1/2%) per month or that one which is the highest allowed by law (whichever amounts to the lesser sum). The Buyer also acknowledges that they shall compensate the Seller for any costs which may occur while collecting the past due sums or other sums owed by the Buyer (including but not limited to the attorneys’ fees and court costs).


The Buyer understands that the government may impose additional taxes or charges upon the sale or transfer of the Products. These taxes as well as all applicable freight costs are included in the invoice’s total amount.


See our shipping page for information.


DoorDesignLab provides a limited warranty for all the Products and Services offered on this Site. By purchasing through this site you agree that you are acquainted with our warranty. We reserve the right to accept or refuse the Buyer’s claim.
Note: in order to qualify for warranty, the doors must be installed by a licensed professional (or a professional company) with proper equipment. Installing the door without the needed equipment and skill can lead to injuries.
All warranty claims are to be filed via the instructions on the warranty page.


The Buyer must be aware that the Seller is not responsible for the taxes or charges the government may impose on the goods upon sale or transfer. Prices on this site can be changed at any time without notice.

All the prices are established on a per pound basis.


The Seller makes their own choice of the route and the method of shipment unless the Buyer provides different instructions on it. The ownership of the goods is transferred to the Buyer upon the delivery to the selected destination. Any attempt on refusing to accept the Product means the Buyer repudiates this document.


DoorDesignLab aims to present the most up-to-date information about the products and services in store and works hard to keep it renewed. Please, be aware that we do not warrant the accuracy of the information at any time. The Seller is responsible for checking with the managers for the most relevant information about any services or goods in question.


As per this statement, the Buyer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Seller (and all related companies, staff, agents, business partners) harmless against any claims, losses, damages, liability and expenses, including the attorneys’ fees, arising from the deficiencies or Product defects, caused by the Buyer’s improper use, storage, modification with or without the Seller’s agreement, the breach of the terms and/or conditions described herein.


Any proceedings arising out of this Agreement are to be handled in the state or federal court of Travis Country, Texas. The United Nations Convention on the Sale of Goods is not applied here.


We do not refund or accept in return any special orders (pre-hung, pre-finish, customized doors)


DOORDESIGNLAB DOES NOT REFUND ORACCEPT PRE-HUNG, PRE-FINISH AND CUTOMIZED DOORS IN RETURN. Product insurance is handled by the shipping company which is to deliver the order in a perfect condition. The Products, where applicable, can be returned within the 45 days after receiving the shipment. A twenty percent (20%) fee will be charged to any ordered products returned. The Buyer holds the responsibility to pay all shipping charges for return goods. Shipping costs are not refundable. All refunds are processed ONLY upon the receiving of the return orders in our warehouse and after warehouse inspection. Only non-damaged Products are accepted for return. Installed doors are considered “received” goods and cannot be returned.


DoorDesignLab holds no responsibility for any damages, loss of business or other incidental, consequential issues that may occur upon purchasing, installing and/or using the purchased Products from this Site. The Buyer agrees that for any liability connected to purchasing any Products or Services on this site (warranty claims, breach of contract, negligence, tort), the Seller is not responsible for any damages above the amount paid by the Buyer during the purchase of the Products or Services under this agreement. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.


Upon this Agreement you acknowledge that all your purchases are for personal use only and not for export or resale in accordance with the United States laws.