Posted By Julia Gajchuck

There are various other ways which can be used to brighten up a windowless room such as installing big mirrors, white paint on the walls, decorative art, low-hung light source, and use of shiny or translucent furniture. But according to experts, using the right doors in a windowless room can change the whole picture of a seemingly depressing room. Doors can surely make a gloomy looking room into a lively one.

French Doors

If your two objectives to meet are 1) to brighten up the room 2) to achieve architectural beauty, then installing a French door" is a great option for you.  A traditional solid door in your windowless room can be replaced with a French door. If you are one of those people who have an interior doorway into their dark rooms, then you can simply install a French door and create an impeccable illusion of an opening with light.

With a French door, you’ll get a fancy designed door with panes of glass.  The best thing about French doors is that they effortlessly reflect light and lighten up your dark room while bringing an intuitive and classy look as well. The hint of light which pours out of the French doors gives a refreshing illusion of daylight.

Glass Doors

This is an overlooked idea by many: Replacing a traditional solid door with a glass-paned one. In darker rooms, the glass panes assist in creating light which is more free-flowing. Your room will experience a great transformation – a change that will enhance the ambiance of the room.

Sliding Glass Door

If you have less space or a limited budget, there is always an option to install a sliding glass door. There is no denying that sliding doors are stylish, easy-to-use and are highly affordable. By installing a sliding glass door in your windowless room, you’ll be able to limit the space and shadow that other doors take up.

Installing a sliding glass door is much cheaper than installing a skylight. It can take some time to install, but it’ll be worth it, trust us! With a sliding glass door, you’ll be able to give a new refreshing look to your room.

It is best to look for areas in which you can save some space and money. Instead of making constructional corrections, it is best to make a smart move and install doors that provide two-in-one facilities. You can easily brighten up your room by installing a French door, glass door, or a sliding glass door. It all depends on how you do it and when you do it.