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Interior doors are an essential part of any home or flat. They zone spaces, serve a decorative function and create a quiet, tranquil atmosphere for owners to enjoy comfort.

Do you want to buy a Belldinni door and don't know what factors to consider when choosing one? Undoubtedly, the first thing that many people pay attention to is the design of the slab. But you can't deny the importance of the quality of the material because it matters the most as it helps to determine whether or not the door will last.

In today’s technological world, it is not a big surprise that wood is not the only material used to manufacture doors like before. Our factory professionals mainly use different eco-friendly materials to make doors: solid core, honeycomb and MDF. So, in this article, we’ll consider the main differences between the materials. Let's get started.

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Honeycomb core

honeycomb door core It is an inner core material used for different doors and is honeycomb shaped (hence, named a honeycomb door). A honeycomb core is made of cardboard or layers of paper that are circumscribed with each other in parallel and equivalently spaced. It is the unique core filling that accomplishes significant noise reduction.

This core is light, and the slabs are lightweight. Regardless of the weight, honeycomb filling is known for making the doors robust and resistant to environmental changes. It also provides resistance against termites and other insects. Overall, honeycomb is used for interior doors because they are low-cost and beneficial.

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Solid core

solid core

Our solid Core is a technologically advanced insulating solid core with a density of 12.5 lb/ft³.

• It’s a modern innovative material for thermal and acoustic insulation.
• It is produced with the use of wood and environmentally friendly components.
• The composition includes conifers, polyurethane, harmless resin and paraffin emulsion.

It is made os lumber that is milled directly from trees. Adhesives hold together wood fibers to make a texture which is different from solid wood 

Given that it is just pure and dense wood, there are few chances of it wrapping up or breaking easily. It is used in various projects, from making doors to flooring. Our doors with solid core are heavy, dense and durable. In this way, the slabs have a longer service life.

Advantages of Belldinni solid core:

  • Eco-friendly material.

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Ability to resist temperature changes.

  • It does not rot or decay.

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MDF door materialStile and rail doors symbolize the best traditions of American craftsmanship. They provide quality, beauty and proven durability. Stile and rail door construction uses linear pieces of lumber assembled into a single structure to ensure functionality and high performance.

Advantages of MDF panels:

  1. 1. The low weight of the slab makes it possible to install the door even in a doorway with a small wall thickness.
  2. 2. MDF is a reliable and long-lasting material that retains heat inside the room, absorbs noise, and is resistant to mechanical damage and moisture.
  3. 3. Long lifespan.

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To ensure that your interior door performs perfectly for a long time, always pay attention to the inner filler when choosing it. Let us know if you have any queries about the best interior doors available on the market. Finally, we would happily guide you in purchasing the right door for your house or flat.