Posted By Siarhei Kanyushok

Sliding interior door

When it comes to choosing between two things, it is really difficult to make a decision. For instance, most people can’t make up their mind on which movie to watch on Netflix. The temptations are irresistible, but you have to take a firm decision and let one go. Ah, this is life. So, if you can’t decide on choosing swing doors or sliding doors for your beloved home, then we’re here to help you out.

Which Door Is Better: Sliding Door vs. Swing Door

Before we start the battle of swing vs. sliding doors, it is important to understand that you should choose any of these doors after considering factors such as your style, desired color and appearance, safety and security, and your privacy. Let’s get started:

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are specifically designed to glide horizontally on metal tracks with one stationary panel and one operating panel. Given the fact that the panels of sliding doors don’t interfere with the room or patio, they take minimal space and can even fit into tighter spaces. Today, sliding doors have become a popular choice as wardrobe and kitchen doors, but they can be used to separate rooms as well.

Pros of Sliding Doors

  • It won’t be wrong to say that they are the ultimate space savers. As they have no opening radius, they are perfect for rooms which do not have much space.
  • One of the main reasons why sliding doors are highly recommended is the utmost convenience they provide. They are considered ideal for people with disabilities.
  • They are highly recommended for expansive wardrobes
  • If you want to separate small spaces (such as walk-in closets or storage rooms), you can definitely go for sliding doors
  • The installation doesn’t require much effort
  • The use of glass or mirror in a sliding door makes the room look spacious
  • Sliding doors provide better ventilation
  • They are ideal for your home if you have kids. The door won’t slam or hit anyone standing on the other side
  • And last but not least, sliding doors are quite stylish.

Cons of Sliding Doors

  • The closure of sliding doors is quite loose. This means that there will be heat and sound insulation problem. They are not quite optimal at containing odor or humidity
  • If you buy a sliding door made from a low-cost material, there can be reliability and durability issues
  • As compared to swing doors, sliding doors are a bit more expensive
  • If the sliding door is not cleaned frequently, the dust may clog the lower rail and cause problems during opening the door
  • With improper installation, a sliding door can jam or even fail in a short time

Swing Doors

Swing doors (aka single-action doors) are omnipresent. They have been around for thousands of years and they don’t seem like going out of the picture for a long, long time. These doors are opened with no effort and they come in a great deal of variety.

Pros of Swing Doors

  • Thanks to their simple design, swing doors are easy to operate and are extremely user-friendly
  • They are classic doors and an obvious choice for many homeowners
  • They have the largest selection among all types of doors. You can choose from a variety of models
  • Swing doors are durable and reliable. Their simple mechanism makes them last for long
  • As compared to sliding doors, swing doors can endure abrupt closing without breaking or jamming
  • You don’t need a professional to fix the swing door and even installing it is quite easy
  • These doors have good insulation properties. They can contain humidity, odor, and sound much better than sliding doors
  • Their fitting is quite inexpensive. As compared to sliding or other types of doors, swing doors are not much expensive

Cons of Swing Doors

  • Due to their opening radius, they require a certain amount of space. That’s why they are not considered ideal for wardrobes or rooms with less space
  • If special limiters are not installed, swing doors can beat against the furniture or wall and cause damage
  • The hinges require service over time or else they start to make squeaky sound and can cause inconvenience while opening
  • The door leaf can skew over time and this will cause the door to scratch the floor

Sliding Door vs. Swing Door: The Verdict

You can see that both doors have more advantages as compared to the disadvantages. It won’t be wrong to say that both doors are recommended. But keep in mind that sliding doors are ideal for rooms that have less space and swing doors are budget-friendly and best for insulation. At the end of the day, you choose the door that meets your requirements.