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how to install a barn door

Using barn doors inside the house makes homes look unique and stylish. It also adds privacy to the home.

Barn style doors are mounted on a stroller which gives way for smooth sliding from side to side.

Barn doors provide the room with more space which is usually taken by regular open-close doors. 

Regular doors open towards the wall but that's not the case for barn doors, as they slide along the walls.


  • Decide what position to fix your barn doors.
  • Think thickness: thickness is essential when installing your barn doors. Too thin makes it loose over the sliding rail and too thick makes it too heavy to slide, so you have to decide which thickness best suits your gliding track.
  • Firmness: your barn doors need to be very firm since they are going to be subjected to a lot of sliding and gliding.
  • Check the height: the height of your barn doors is important, you can't have them too close to the ceiling. That takes the beauty off your doors. Also, your barn doors need to have such a height that they easily slide over the railings.
  • Check the width: this is just as important as the height. Overly wide barn doors create an eyesore in the room and deny the door the uniqueness intended by homeowners.
  • Do the maths: calculations need to be taken into consideration when installing your barn doors. For example, the track should be at least two times the width of the barn door, so your header must cover the entire distance.
  • Make sure the track is leveled with the gaps in mind, providing a strong, secure way to mount the tracks which is a vital factor to take note of.