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door maintenance

Wooden interior doors are everywhere you look in the house; they are the most commonly used doors for the apartment interiors.

The doors are valued for their durability and easy-to-handle factor.

Unlike every other door types, interior doors need to be maintained to last long and remain beautiful for a long period.


  • Doorknob screws often get loose. Regularly check and tighten them;
  • fumigate your wooden doors. Fumigation is performed while or before the doors are fixed and it lasts only for a few years, not forever. We advise that you check your indoors for termites every six months and fumigate the wooden doors every two years;
  • pay attention to cobwebs. Spiders love wooden doors and spread their cobwebs over it at every chance they get. Be sure to wipe these cobwebs off regularly;
  • dust off your wooden doors. You will make the doors shine brighter, bring out their colors, restore their radiance and attractiveness;
  • oil the hinges: just like any other door, wooden door hinges need to be oiled regularly. This easies the opening and closing of the door and stops the grinding sounds;
  • remove hindrances from the door path to remove the unnecessary load on the door hinges, otherwise, they will wear out early and might fall out the frames.


If you have wooden interior doors, these tips will help you prolong their lifespan.