An interior door brings a unique kind of beauty to your rooms and adds a special kind of attention too.


Most people pay too much attention to the walls and curtains neglecting interior doors. Your plain door needs attention to make your room the modest abode you desire.


You'll be surprised how little beauty tricks for your interior doors can change the entire outlook of your home.


Here are a few designs and beauty tips to consider for your home doors to look radiant.


  • Think colors: Colors are everything to the eyes, they create attention and awareness. Avoid the traditional white and brown interior door colors and go with something cool and beautiful, use bright colors that go along with your taste.
  • Use beautiful door knobs: Do not underrate the importance of door knobs in making your doors incredible. Door knobs are not just there to open and close the doors, creative exclusive designs for your doorknobs and don’t just settle for the regular knobs
  • Flowery designs: You can get an artist to do these or buy the ready-made flower designs, you can paste on the doors. Also, leafy designs do the tricks too, giving your home that beautiful and serene forest look and feel.
  • Wallpapers: Wallpapers are great for your doors, especially in a plainly painted door. Get papers or posters that stick firmly to your doors
  • Carve out designs: Create designs on wooden doors but they can be done as well on metal doors too. Make designs by giving your plain interior doors contours that form over it in a beautiful patterning manner; you'll be glad you did.
  • Tape over wooden door edges: Get a painter's tape and use it on the door edges, this gives your interior door's edge a layout feel and brings out the boundary colors too.