doors without the brush marks

  1. 1. Sand the surface of the door: First sand the flat areas. But but be careful and do not add too much pressure, thus you will make the door surface even and flat.
  2. 2. Mix in a conditioner. There are various conditioners that make the paint stick well to the door surface. Conditioning doesn't mean you add water to make your paint thinner. A good paint conditioner is Floetrol; it prevents those brush marks very effectively.
  3. 3. If possible, paint your door while it is in a horizontal, flat position. If you are painting your door before it is fixed or if you have a door that can easily be unhinged, it is best to apply the paint when it is lying flat on the ground.
  4. 4. If you cannot lay your door flat make sure that it is not moving while you are painting: thus you get rid of brush marks.
  5. 5. Apply Primer correctly: primer is the main cause for brush marks because it builds on thick and dries fast, meaning your paints have little time to even out before drying. A good idea is to swap for a slow drying primer.
  6. 6. Use roller paint brush for second layers: After using a regular brush for the first layer, use roller brush for the second time; this helps to remove the brush marks and brings your door's color out.
  7. Your door looks like an expert artist has painted it!