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apply paint on the surface of the door

These proven tips will guide you on how to paint your interior doors and the things you need to keep in mind while at it. Also, if you are planning on making your home outlook better by repainting those interior door colors, then these tips are for you also.

  • Paint door trims with semi-gloss paints; this kind of paint makes it easy to clean your door and gives it a subtle shining;
  • prepare well before starting and make sure all your tools are at hand and ready.
  • when painting your interior doors, be certain to start from top to bottom, working your way down and always brush in the direction of wood grain or the panels;
  • paint your interior door in a lighter or deeper shade of the colors than those on your wall
  • put an accent on the raised door panels by outlining them in the same color as your trim.
  • let your door stand out; when your interior door colors look the same as the color of your walls, your room loses its beauty and its uniqueness. Let your door color stand out and be noticeable from afar.
  • you don't have to remove the door from the hinges. Cover the hinges with a masking tape;
  • choose brittle brush over roller brush: roller brush is good for the walls but not for the doors and should not be considered when you are going to paint your door.