When it comes to pre-hung doors, they are quite in-demand due to their various built-in properties, their quality, and engineered eco-friendly materials. These doors are known to provide utmost convenience and high resistance against climatic changes and termites. With pre-hung doors, you can make your commercial or residential place look elegant and modern at the same time.

What is a Pre-hung Door?

It is a door that has already been mounted on the door frame. The door slab, hinges, and the external frame are already in the unit and only needs a proper fitting. Only the doorknob and strike plate are not included in a pre-hung door. However, there are pre-drilled holes for the doorknob and bolt. One needs to have knowledge of few things about the pre-hung door such as door’s measurements, size, material, style, color, left or right-hand swing, bore and the width of the jambs.

Benefits of Pre-hung Doors

  • The first and most obvious benefit would be time-saving since the installation process is simple. There is no need to manually install the door through the door jamb and then check whether it swings properly or not – it is a time-consuming process which can be saved by using a pre-hung door
  • If your door frame is damaged and needs to be replaced or repaired, installing this door is more convenient and cost-efficient
  • Since these doors are pre-installed at the factory, their elegance is not damaged while they are being set up. Most doors do get damaged while being fixed in the jamb but in the case of a pre-hung door this won’t happen
  • Thanks to the quality materials used in making pre-hung doors, they do not absorb moisture, swell up or show signs of early wear and tear. These doors are installed very few millimeters away from the wall. This gives the door enough space to let oxygen pass through and the wooden material does not rot
  • These doors have a layer of Polyurethane material which protects the pre-hung door from termites
  • With environment saving movements going on nowadays, door manufacturers have also started making pre-hung doors by using the eco-friendly material. This helps the buyer play their part in contributing to saving the environment
  • You can save up on bills as pre-hung doors have great inbuilt insulation. The core of these doors is thermal. This makes them better than the average core of wooden doors
  • With pre-hung doors, you have plenty of options to choose from. It comes in various designs, styles and is made of a variety of materials. You can also choose from various colors to match the color scheme of the interior or exterior of your house
  • Pre-hung doors are made of an excellent quality material which makes them weather-resistant. These doors won’t wear and tear. They are able to withstand harsh environmental changes.

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